Expert Opinions

William M. Simpson, Jr., MD

Dear Dr. Stang,

I am an emeritus faculty member at the Medical University of South Carolina. As part of my academic and clinical experience, I have been involved with pesticide poisonings and poisonings in general for the past 20+ years. I have written several articles on poisoning management. chapters in two books and two editions of a desk reference for rural physicians on agricultural medicine issues, including pesticide poisoning.

Your proposed activated charcoal cookie is a highly needed addition to our armamentarium for childhood ingestions. The difficulty of getting currently available forms of activated charcoal into poisoned children in a timely fashion would greatly alleviated with a palatable and easily administered form such as yours. I look forward to having it available to emergency rooms, primary care offices, emergency medical technicians and in the home setting. Please keep me informed of your progress in the development of this important addition to poisoning care.



William M. Simpson, Jr., MD
Emeritus Professor of Family Medicine,
Medical University of South Carolina
MSC 192
Charleston, SC  29425-0192