What is the De Novo product?

De Novo, a company started by an emergency physician, has developed a palatable form of activated charcoal - one which would be acceptable to children and adults alike and one which would be suitable for home use. We came up with the idea of the cookie or wafer form since this form is well-liked and accepted by all ages.

In the course of our R&D we have evaluated over 200 prototypes with testing each step of the way. We have also explored a variety of manufacturing techniques. A cookie manufacturer in Ohio has been involved with our efforts and is ready to enter manufacturing of the finished product.

What would the product look like on the shelf?

We currently envision a package of six cookies - each containing 3.3 grams of activated charcoal. The total amount of activated charcoal would be 20 grams per package. A shelf-life of 2 years is expected. The packaging would be non-threatening and attractive with clear instructions in English, Spanish and French.  It would be recommended that the area poison center or a healthcare provider to be contacted prior to using the cookies. National Toll-Free Poison Center number would be listed (800-222-1222).

How has the product been tested so far?

We were fortunate to have had the late Dr. David Cooney do all of our in initial vitro testing. Dr. Cooney was a chemical engineer on the faculty of the University of Wyoming and was regarded as the foremost expert in medicinal activated charcoal. He was the author/editor of the definitive reference on the subject Activated Charcoal in Medical Applications (2nd Edition, Dekker, 1995).

Both equilibrium and kinetic studies have proven the De Novo product to be competitive with other products on the market (see graphs).

In 2009, a clinical trial was conducted through the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. It proved the cookie to be equivalent to the slurry in efficacy and much superior in palatability. (Download Article)

Is it patented?

The product has issued and pending patents in the US, Canada, and Europe.